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Super Akkiko

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Staring: Akkiko

File Size: 245 MB

Length: 20 minutes

Tag: Superheroine, Drug Drink Ko, Chloroform KO, Ots carry,drag, bare foot, sleepy manipulation,mouth play, eye checks, bondage (Soft)

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In peacetime super Akkiko is a normal girl without super power. However, when she is needed, she has to have the SUPER DRINK to gain super power and transform to the real SUPER GIRL. One day this secret is learned by a villain, who spike the Super Drink to defeak Super Akkiko. When Akkiko is sleepy, the villain hit her head to make her out. Then the villain play her limp body and do a lot of things such as eye checks, OTS carry and so on. Some hours later, Super Akkiko wakes up and tries to escape. However, what she get is another chloro Ko. After play Super Akkiko's limp body again, the villain ties Akkiko and block her mouth with a red band. At last sleepy Super Akkiko is left out on the sofa.


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