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A Good Day to be Tied Up

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 Here comes the debut of our new girl: Angela 
Length: 14 minutes
File Size: 499 Mb
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 It's the 1st video of Angela on HotAsianKO.
Angela goes to her sweet home after a day's work .
When she sits on a sofa and plays her cell phone,  
a masked intruder sneaks up behind her and clasps a chloroform  cloth over her face.
Chloroform is really effective and sends Angela into a drug induced sleep soon.  
The intruder checks her eyes to make sure she is out, then he lifts her over his shoulder. 
He lays her out on the couch so that he can bind her to his little bondage toy.  
After the intruder steps away from his prize ,Angela wakes up and struggles. 
The intruder sees she is awake so he put the chloroform cloth on Angela's face again. 
Angela is back to sleep in the same position as before. 
Poor Angela is untied and carried OTS on the chair where she's bound again.  
The scene ends after some shots of her bound and sleeping on the chair. 
This movie includes:
2 chloroform KO
2 OTS carries
light bondage
limp body manipulation 



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